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G7 + Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Ukraine Energy Sector Support

November 22, 2023
State Minister Horii speaks at the G7 + Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Ukraine Energy Sector Support
(Photo) State Minister HORII and the Honorable Blinken, Secretary of State of the US, co-hosted G7 + Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Ukraine Energy Sector Support

On November 21, commencing at 10:00 p.m. (Japan time) for approximately an hour and 20 minitues, Mr. HORII Iwao, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Honorable Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States of America co-hosted the online G7+ Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Ukraine Energy Sector Support. In addition to the G7 countries, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, other ministers of like-minded countries in Europe, and international organizations participated in this meeting.

  1. During the meeting, the G7+ partners discussed the issue of maintaining and restoring energy infrastructure, shared information on each country’s vision of future assistance, and confirmed their commitment to continuously provide Ukraine with necessary assistance in the energy sector.
  2. State minister Horii briefed on the result of the G7 Foreign Ministers’meeting held in Tokyo this month, and stated that the assistance to energy sector remains critical for winterization in Ukraine since Russia’s attack on energy infrastructure is expected again this winter. He also explained that Japan plans to provide around 10 more autotransformers to Ukraine, in addition to the two Japan has already delivered. Moreover, He mentioned that Japan is also aiming to provide three gas turbines by the end of this year, with two more currently being procured. Once these are delivered, more than 5.5million people in Ukraine are expected to benefit.
  3. State minister Horii further mentioned that as this year’s G7 presidency, Japan would like to continue to promote support in the international community for the Ukrainian energy sector, and stated that, in addition to the energy sector, it is also vital to consider recovery and reconstruction projects so that the people of Ukraine can envision their mid- to long-term future.

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