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Grant Aid for the Republic of Yemen Exchange of notes on “The Project for the Rehabilitation of Aden Intra-Urban Roads”

September 17, 2023

 On September 17, 2023 (Same day local time), in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ms. ISHIBASHI Marino, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Yemen and Mr. Muhammad Usman AKRAM, Representative and Director, UNOPS Operational Hub in Amman exchanged notes on the Grant Aid project “The Project for the Rehabilitation of Aden Intra-Urban Roads” (grant amount: 422 million yen).

  1. In the Republic of Yemen, roads in urban areas have been severely damaged by the long-standing conflict, which has had a significant impact on economic activities. In the coastal areas, particularly in Aden, natural disasters such as floods and torrential rains have severely damaged urban roads, which has reduced logistics efficiency, leading to increasing transportation costs and soaring prices.
  2. This project aims to rehabilitate urban roads in the city of Aden to improve access to major facilities in the city and vulnerable urban communities, including internally displaced persons, thereby contributing to supporting the future reconstruction of Yemen.
  3. This project will also contribute to the improvement of logistics efficiency in the city of Aden through rehabilitation of roads leading to the port of Aden, which Japan supported through the 2022 Grant Aid “the Project for the Improvement of Efficiency in the Port of Aden,” and will support the efforts of the Government of Yemen to strengthen the functions of Aden city, the transitional capital. The Government of Japan remains committed to continue to work actively, in cooperation with the United Nations and countries concerned, to realize peace and stability in Yemen.

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