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Holding of the 39th International Issues Presentation Contest

November 8, 2023

On November 11th, the 39th International Issues Presentation Contest will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The outline of the contest is as follows:

  1. The International Issues Presentation Contest is an event held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to provide an opportunity for university students to deepen their interest and understanding of Japan's foreign policy and international affairs, and to enhance their ability to play an active role in the international community through friendly competition and exchange with their peers.
  2. This year, 139 teams (including 37 teams from ASEAN countries) applied under the theme of "My Proposal: Our Future ASEAN-Japan Relations on the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation." Out of the 77 teams that submitted their abstracts (including 24 teams from ASEAN countries), the 6 finalists that passed the document screening (including 3 teams from ASEAN countries) will give their presentations, and the winners will be awarded the Foreign Minister’s Prize and other prizes.

[Reference] See the 39th International Issues Presentation Contest website

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