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Signing of the Arms Trade Treaty

June 4, 2013
  1. On June 3 (June 4 Japan Time), at the New York headquarters of the United Nations (UN), H.E. Mr. Mari AMANO, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament, signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).
  2. The ATT aims to contribute to international and regional peace and security, and to prevent the illicit trade in conventional arms by establishing the highest common international standards to regulate the transfer of conventional arms.
  3. Japan has always advocated the necessity of an arms trade treaty. In negotiations as well, Japan played an active and constructive role as one of the co-authors of the UN General Assembly Resolution on the Treaty and the Vice-President elected from the Asia-Pacific Group, and contributed greatly to the success of negotiations. Japan will continue to take a leading role in promoting international efforts in this area.

* The foregoing is a provisional translation. The date indicated above denotes the date of issue of the original press release in Japanese.

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