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Approval of Amendment of the Implementation Plan for Operational Measures of ALPS Treated Water Discharge at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

May 10, 2023

On May 10, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) Japan approved the amendment of the implementation plan for Operational Measures of ALPS Treated Water Discharge which were applied in November 2022 by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO).

  1. This approval was granted pursuant to the Reactors Regulation Act (t on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors). Upon the approval, the results of the examination based on the Reactors Regulation Act as well as the review in light of the Government of Japan’s Basic Policy, which was made public in April 2021, are published.
  2. By this approval, it has been confirmed that the organizational structure necessary to manage operation and maintenance of the discharge facility is to be appropriately established, and the scheme to select nuclides to be measured and assessed is valid. Nevertheless, this does not mean that TEPCO can start the discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea. the NRA continues to conduct Pre-Service Inspections to check and confirm the installation status of the discharge facilities and others. The IAEA will continue to conduct its independent review throughout, including while these steps are taken, and the IAEA’s comprehensive report will be published. The discharge of ALPS treated water into the sea will not start until after these steps are duly taken. The The Government of Japan will carefully consider the findings and observations from the IAEA’s review.
  3. The Government of Japan will ensure the safety of ALPS treated water as well as reliability and transparency of its handling. It also remains committed to making efforts to promote understanding regarding the handling of ALPS treated water in the international community.

[Reference] ALPS treated water is water which is processed by devices such as ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) to ensure that the radioactive materials other than tritium surely meet the regulatory standards for safety. In addition, it is planned that ALPS treated water will then be sufficiently diluted before the discharges so that the concentrations of the radioactive materials including tritium will be far below the regulatory standards for safety.

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