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Courtesy Call on Foreign Minister Hayashi by Four Members of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC)

May 8, 2023
A group photo of Minister Hayashi and Four Members of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council
Minister Hayashi, Four Members of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council, and others who have a talk after having a seat at a table

On May 8, commencing at 14:05 for approximately 15 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, received a courtesy call from representatives of the Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC), chaired by United Nations University Senior Vice-Rector Shirahase Sawako. The overview is as follows.

  1. Minister Hayashi welcomed the GEAC representatives visiting him from both inside and outside Japan and expressed his gratitude to them for their efforts in preparing the GEAC recommendations. He also noted that the importance of women's empowerment and meaningful participation was discussed at the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in April, and that GEAC's input is very important for Japan to lead the discussion on gender issues.
  2. Chair Shirahase and other GEAC members expressed their expectations that Japan, as this year's G7 presidency, will lead the discussions on gender issues.
(Reference)GEAC: the Gender Equality Advisory Council

The GEAC is an external advisory body that makes recommendations on gender equality for G7 leaders. Launched in 2018 by Canada, the then G7 Presidency, and convened by the respective G7 Presidency every year since then, the GEAC has submitted useful recommendations to the leaders of the G7 Presidency to achieve gender equality and promote the empowerment of women. This year, 14 members actively involved in the gender field from the G7 countries and international organizations were appointed, and the first meeting was held on March 24.

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