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Japan-Germany Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

March 18, 2023
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On March 18, commencing at 3:00 p.m. for approximately 60 minutes, Mr. HAYASHI Yoshimasa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, held a Japan-Germany Foreign Ministers’ Meeting with H.E. Ms. Annalena Baerbock, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Germany, who is visiting Japan to attend the Japan-Germany Inter-Governmental Consultations. The overview of the meetings is as follows.

  1. Opening Remarks
    Minister Hayashi welcomed the visit to Japan by Minister Baerbock. Minister Hayashi then stated that Japan-German relations are stronger and closer than ever, and that the Japan-Germany Inter-Governmental Consultations held for the first time are an important framework to further expand bilateral cooperation. Minister Baerbock expressed great appreciation for the leadership by Minister Hayashi during the year of Japan’s G7 Presidency, and that she looks forward to visiting Karuizawa for the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.
  2. Bilateral Relations
  • (1) Both ministers welcomed the progress in strengthening Japan-Germany security cooperation, including the holding of the Japan-Germany “2+2” in November 2022. In addition, the two ministers concurred on accelerating coordination towards starting negotiations for the legal framework to promote joint activities of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and the German Federal Armed Forces.
  • (2) Both ministers exchanged views on addressing economic security challenges, including economic coercion, as well as the importance of transparent and fair development finance, and confirmed that they will continue to work together.
  • (3) Minister Hayashi reiterated Japan’s request for Germany’s cooperation in the early lifting of import measures on Japanese food products by the EU.
  1. Cooperation in the international arena and regional affairs
  • (1) Minister Hayashi stated that amidst Russia’s protracted aggression against Ukraine, it is important to continue stringent sanctions against Russia and robust support for Ukraine in order to end Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as soon as possible. Both ministers welcomed that the United Nations General Assembly resolution on Ukraine in February was adopted with an overwhelming majority, and confirmed that like-minded countries, including Japan and Germany, will continue to unite in the response. They also confirmed the importance of implementing support for raising awareness of challenges and issues in the so-called Global South.
  • (2) Minister Hayashi stated that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific are inseparable, and expressed high appreciation for Germany strengthening its engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. Furthermore, both ministers exchanged views regarding Japan’s National Security Strategy and the situation in the Indo-Pacific, as well as wide-ranging cooperation in the international arena, including United Nations Security Council reform.
  • (3) Minister Hayashi shared serious concerns about the East China Sea and the South China Sea, and strongly opposed continued and strengthened unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force. Both ministers concurred on the importance of Japan and Germany further cooperating and collaborating to maintain and strengthen the international order based on the rule of law. The two ministers also confirmed that they will continue Japan-Germany cooperation in responding to North Korea on the nuclear and missile issues as well as the abductions issue.
  1. Both ministers confirmed close cooperation towards the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Karuizawa, Nagano in April and the G7 Hiroshima Summit in May.

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