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Final Reporting Session of the visiting Japan Program
by Politics and National Security and Science, Technology and Innovation group

February 20, 2023
Ms. Gabriella Billie STRÖMGREN who expresses her gratitude at the beginning of the final reporting session of the visiting Japan Program
Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa who gives a speech in a final reporting session of the visiting Japan Program
A group photo of Parliamentary Vice-Minister Yoshikawa and the participants of MIRAI 2022/2023

On February 20th, 77 graduate/undergraduate students and young professionals participating in MIRAI 2022/2023 (Politics and National Security group/ Science, Technology and Innovation group) held a final reporting session of the visiting Japan Program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Yuumi Yoshikawa, participated the session as a representative of the Ministry.

At the beginning, a representative of the participants, Ms. Gabriella Billie STRÖMGREN expressed her gratitude for having a great transnational connection with Japan and MIRAI participants through this program. She also mentioned her experience given the Russian aggression against Ukraine, that her group of MIRAI delegates were all closely connected through their online networks, encouraged each other and that she helped her fellow delegate in Ukraine to come to her country during a crucial time. In conclusion, she placed emphasis on how important MIRAI is in building the life-long cross border friendships, and facilitating the cooperation beyond borders.

In front of the participants, Ms. Yoshikawa delivered a welcome speech to all the participants who were finally able to visit Japan after the COVID-19 pandemic of the last two years. Furthermore, she expressed her expectations that the participants would understand the importance of mutual understanding and contribute to a friendly relationship between Japan and their home countries in Europe based on their MIRAI program experience.

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