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Enactment of the Civil Code in Laos
(Statement by Press Secretary OHTAKA Masato)

May 27, 2020

1. Japan welcomes the enactment of the first civil code in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on May 27 (same day Japan time). Japan is delighted to welcome this enactment this year, which marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Japan-Laos diplomatic relations.

2. Since 1998, Japan has been consistently working to support the development of the legal system in Laos through technical and other cooperation. Japan has provided drafting support for this civil code for more than six years since 2012, and in December 2018, it was approved by the National Assembly of Laos. During the drafting of this civil code, each of the articles was carefully drafted in accordance with the society and culture of Laos, with the cooperation of the relevant persons from both countries, while respecting the autonomy of the Government of Laos.

3. We hope that this civil code, made up of 630 articles, will establish itself as therules for national management and socio-economic development in Laos, and contribute to the realization of rights and prosperity of the public.

4. Japan will continue to support the development of the legal system in Laos, including providing support towards the establishment of the civil code in Laos, in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific and establish the rule of law that serves as the basis of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

Since 1998, Japan has been actively providing assistance in the legal and judicial fields in Laos, by providing technical and other cooperation, including dispatching specialists and accepting trainees. Through the Project for Promoting Development and Strengthening of the Rule of Law in the Legal Sector of Laos (2018 to 2023), Japan is currently developing a consistent curriculum and teaching materials regarding legal theory research/analysis on civil and criminal law, legal education, and the cultivation and practical training of legal professionals, as well as improving the legal and practical infrastructure in legal and judicial institutions based on continuous study andthe quality of law schools and training institutions for legal professionals, and training human resources, among other activities, in Laos.

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