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The Attack on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(Statement by Press Secretary OHTAKA Masato)

April 2, 2020

1. On Sunday, March 29(local time), the Coalition Forces led by the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that they had intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles launched from Yemen to Saudi cities including the capital Riyadh. The Coalition Forces also announced, on March 27, that they had intercepted several drones flying from Yemen to southern part of Saudi Arabia including Abha.

2. The peace and stability in the Middle East is important for international peace and stability. The Government of Japan calls for early political solution in Yemen where there still remain clashes between the legitimate government and the anti-governmental forces in the midst of the concerted efforts made by the international community to address the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and also strongly denounces continuous cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia.

3. Japan remains committed to keeping its engagement with the region to maintain and strengthen the peace and stability in the Middle East in cooperation with the related countries.

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