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The Situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(Statement by Press Secretary OHTAKA Masato)

January 14, 2020

1. On January 5, 2020, Mr. Juan Guaidó was re-elected as the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly and was sworn in as the Interim President of the Venezuela on January 7. As Japan continues to call for a free and fair presidential election to be expeditiously held in Venezuela, our support for Interim President Guaidó remains unchanged since February 2019.

2. Japan expresses its concern that acts that go against democracy, such as the obstruction of access to the National Assembly Hall against the President of the National Assembly and other delegates, have occurred in the recent election process.

3. In light of the on-going deterioration of the political, economic and social situation as well as the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the outflow of numerous migrants to neighboring countries, Japan will continue to support the people in Venezuela, including refugees and migrants, as well as neighboring countries affected.

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