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The First Japan-AALCO Training Course on Public International Law

December 2, 2019

1. The First Japan-AALCO Training Course on Public International Law will be held from December 8 to 14 in Tokyo and Kyoto.

2. About 12 participants from AALCO (Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization) Member States, including diplomats in charge of practicing public international law, will take part in this training course.

3. The launching of this training course was announced by Prime Minister Abe when Japan hosted the 57th Annual Session of AALCO last October in Tokyo, as a means to support the capacity building of AALCO members in the area of public international law. This year’s training course is the first time that it is going to be held.

4. In this training course, the participants will receive lectures on practical issues of international law, and the areas covered include law of the sea, international economic law, treaty making procedure, national implementation and dispute settlement procedures such as international litigations.

5. In addition, the participants to this training course will learn about legal system of Japan and history of Japanese diplomacy and will also visit Kyoto to deepen their understanding of Japanese history and culture.

AALCO (The Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization) is an intergovernmental organization constituted in 1956 (the former name was changed to the present one in 2001). Actually, there are 48 Member States. Its work includes deliberating and making recommendations on issues related to international law.

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