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Regarding the Decision by the Government of the Republic of Korea to Terminate the Japan-ROK GSOMIA
(Statement by Foreign Minister Taro Kono)

August 22, 2019

1. On November 23, 2016, the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) signed the “Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of Korea on the Protection of Classified Military Information”(“GSOMIA”) for the purpose of ensuring the reciprocal protection of Classified Military Information exchanged between the two countries, which entered into force on the same day.

2. The GSOMIA had been automatically extended annually since its conclusion in 2016, based on the recognition that it strengthens cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the field of security and contributes to regional peace and stability.

3. Nevertheless, the most recent decision made by the Government of the ROK to terminate the GSOMIA reflects its total misapprehension of the current regional security environment, which is extremely regrettable.

4. In its announcement, the Government of the ROK linked its decision to terminate the GSOMIA with Japan’s recent update of its licensing policies and procedures for export control in the context of security; yet these two issues are of totally different nature. Therefore, the ROK’s claim is absolutely unacceptable and Japan firmly protests against the Government of the ROK.

5. Although the current Japan-ROK relations continue to face a truly severe situation because of the ROK’s extremely negative and unreasonable actions including the most recent decision, the Government of Japan continues to strongly urge the ROK side to take sensible actions, based on Japan’s principled position on various issues.

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