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Fourth Japan-Canada Foreign and Defense Vice Ministerial Meeting (“2+2”)

December 12, 2018

1. On December 12, in Tokyo, Mr. Takeo Mori, Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Ro Manabe, Administrative Vice Minister of Defense for International Affairs, from the Japanese side, as well as Mr. Ian Shugart, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Gordon Venner, Associate Deputy Minister of National Defense, from the Canadian side, held the fourth Japan-Canada Foreign and Defense Vice Ministerial Meeting (“2+2”).

2. Both sides discussed diplomatic/security policies of their respective countries and regional affairs including the issue of North Korea. They welcomed the progress in their cooperation on diplomatic/security policies, and they reaffirmed that they would promote further cooperation.

3. Both sides also exchanged views on other issues including defense cooperation and exchanges as well as cooperation on international peace operations.

4. Furthermore, the two sides shared the view that they would advance concrete cooperation to realize a vision of a "free and open Indo-Pacific (PDF)Open a New Window," and that they extend their efforts for early entry into force of the ACSA.

Japan-Canada Foreign and Defense Vice Ministerial Meeting (“2+2”) was decided to establish at the Japan-Canada Summit Meeting in November 2010. The 1st meeting was held in August 2011, the 2nd in March 2014, and the 3rd in April 2016.

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