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The Seventh Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit

May 1, 2018

1. The Seventh Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit will be held in Tokyo on May 9th. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will host this meeting in which Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang from China and President Moon Jae-in from the Republic of Korea are planing to attend.

2. The main objective of this meeting is to further strengthen dialogue and cooperation in a wide range of fields under the leadership of the three leaders of Japan, China, and the Republic of Korea, which all bear responsibility for the stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. The Trilateral Summit has been hosted by the three countries in turn since the first Summit held in Fukuoka in December 2008. The upcoming Summit will be the third time for Japan to chair the meeting.

3. In the upcoming Summit the leaders will hold discussions to strengthen cultural and people-to-people exchanges, taking the opportunity of the Olympic and Paralympic games being hosted successively by the three countries (2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang; 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo; 2022 Winter Games in Beijing), and on the trilateral cooperation in various fields such as environment, disaster risk reduction, etc. In addition, the leaders will discuss regional and international issues, including North Korea and promotion of free trade.

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