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Nomination of a candidate for the next Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)

April 20, 2018

1. The Government of Japan has decided to nominate Dr. Takeshi KASAI, currently Director of Programme Management (DPM) and Deputy to the Regional Director, for the post of Regional Director of the Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) of the World Health Organization (WHO), to be chosen at its election in October 2018.

2. WHO is an international organization consisting of 194 member states, which aims for the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health. The member states of WHO are grouped into six regions and Japan belongs to the Western Pacific Region. The Regional Director is the chief executive of each regional office. The responsibilities of Regional Director of the WPRO include planning and implementing the policies and budget of the WPRO, including assistance to developing countries, and representing the WPRO Secretariat at the World Health Assembly.

3. Dr. Kasai is currently the Deputy to the Regional Director of the WPRO and has extensive experience in healthcare. Since assuming his current position in 2014, Dr. Kasai has demonstrated outstanding ability to achieve outcomes highly appreciated by other WHO member states, exemplifying the necessary experience and abilities for Regional Director.

4. Following the deadline for applications in July 2018, the new Regional Director of the WPRO will be elected at the meeting of its Regional Committee in October 2018. The Government of Japan will seek support for Dr. Kasai’s candidacy from the other WPRO member states in order that he may be successfully elected as the next Regional Director.

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