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Foreign Minister Kono to visit Middle East

December 22, 2017

1. Foreign Minister Taro Kono is scheduled to visit the State of Israel, Palestine, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Republic of Turkey from December 24th to 29th.

2. Minister Kono has visited the Middle East twice since taking office, and expressed the basic policy of Japan’s diplomacy regarding the Middle East as the Kono Four Principles (PDF)Open a New Window in the First Japan-Arab Political Dialogue (September 11, in Cairo) and Japan’s action to assist stabilization and security in the Middle East (PDF)Open a New Window based on the Principles in the Manama Dialogue (December 8, in Manama).

3. On this third visit, he will further implement policies announced previously within the context of support for Middle East peace, promote the initiatives of Japan toward stabilization of the Middle East region, and further strengthen multilayered cooperative relationships with the visited countries and regions.

[Reference] Itinerary of Foreign Minister Kono’s Visit

December 24 Depart Narita
25 Arrive Tel Aviv
 Meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials dignitaries, etc.
26 Meetings with Palestinian officials, etc.
 Arrive Amman
 Meetings with Jordanian officials, etc.
 Depart Amman
 Arrive Muscat
27 Meetings with Omani officials, etc.
28 Depart Muscat
 Arrive Ankara
 Meetings with Turkish officials, etc.
 Depart Ankara
29 Arrive Narita

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