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Japan House Los Angeles (Opening of the Second Floor Section)

November 29, 2017

1. Following Japan House Sao Paulo’s launch in April 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan decided to open a section of Japan House Los Angeles in advance on December 20, 2017.

2. Japan House Los Angeles will be comprised of sections on the second floor and the fifth floor inside the Hollywood & Highland Center, a shopping and entertainment complex located in the center of Hollywood, Los Angeles. The second floor section that opens this time contains an exhibition space and shops.

3. The fifth floor section will comprise of a Japanese restaurant and library, among other facilities. The grand opening of the entire facility including the fifth floor section is planned for around June 2018. Full-scale operation will commence after the entire facility is opened, but there will be a range of curated events and programs after the advance opening. The details will be updated on the Japan House Los Angeles websiteOpen a New Window.

[Reference 1] Japan House
Japan Houses are new communication hubs founded on the concept of conveying the message “Japan contributes to the enrichment of the world,” by providing a one-stop service where users can obtain a range of information about Japan at one place, establishing restaurants, shops and other facilities, achieving communication through a Japan-wide effort that proactively utilizes private-sector dynamism and regional appeal, and by also drawing on the expertise of specialists. Japan House São Paulo opened in April 2017 with Japan Houses scheduled to be opened in London and Los Angeles with the goal of widening the range of people friendly to and knowledgeable about Japan by disseminating Japan’s wide and varied appeal.

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