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Liberation of Raqqa
(Statement by Foreign Press Secretary Norio Maruyama)

October 21, 2017

1. The government of Japan appreciates and welcomes the reports of the liberation of Raqqa which was a major stronghold for ISIL as an important step for peace and stability in Syria.

2. On the other hand, some areas are still under control of ISIL, and a serious humanitarian crisis, including the existence of a huge number of refugees and internally displaced persons, continues. Japan supports the international efforts to fight against terrorism, and is determined to continue making contribution in non-military fields such as humanitarian aid while coordinating closely with relevant countries and international organizations in order to restore peace and stability in Syria.

3. For the fundamental solution of the crisis in Syria, in addition to the countermeasure for ISIL, the enhancement of our effort for the political solution is necessary. Japan supports the dialogue among Syrians.

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