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“Soupe de Poisson party”
(a reconstruction support event or the Great East Japan Earthquake)

September 27, 2017

1. On October 4, the “Soupe de Poisson party” will be held in Tokyo by a private voluntary organization with a view to supporting recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Relevant officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will attend this event and give the opening speech.

2. During this event, chef Katsuhiro Nakamura, who was appointed as a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)’s National Goodwill Ambassador to Japan in May 2017, will cook “Soupe de Poisson” (a Southern French traditional fish soup) with ingredients from a disaster-affected area. Mr. Nakamura will make the best use of ingredients by using head and bony parts of fish which are usually regarded as waste. By doing so, this event will also serve as an occasion to raise public awareness about reduction of food loss and food waste.

3. Furthermore, a new fruitcake made with fruits produced in Fukushima prefecture will be introduced by Kanjiro Mochizuki, pastry chef of Imperial Hotel Japan. In May 2017, Mr. Jose Graziano da Silva, Direcor-General of FAO, mentioned that “we don’t see any reason to raise concern about the safety of food (from Fukushima)” during his visit to Japan. Putting this supportive comment in mind, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively introducing this kind of safe and tasty menus and products to the international society in order to support recovery of disaster-affected areas including Fukushima.

(Note) General information about the Event

  • (1) Day and Time:October 4th 14:00-16:00
  • (2) Place:Hotel Metropolitan Edmont(3-10-8, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku)
  • (3) Organizer:Ryori Volunteer no Kai, Gillie Club
  • (4) Language:Japanese only (no interpretation will be provided)

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