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Emergency Assistance to Fiji in Response to the Cyclone Disaster

February 23, 2016

1. On February 23, the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency relief goods including tents etc. to Fiji through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in response to the request from the Government of the Republic of Fiji following serious damage caused by the Cyclone Winston.

2. In Fiji, the Cyclone Winston passed from late at night of 20 until the early hours of 21 February and gave rise to enormous damage. As of February 23, there are confirmed report of twenty eight people dead and more than thirteen thousand people evacuating. It is possible that the number of those affected will go up as the details of the disaster become clear.

3. The Government of Japan, in response to the request from the Government of the Republic of Fiji, has decided to provide emergency assistance, from a humanitarian viewpoint and taking into account of the friendly and cooperative relations between Japan and Fiji.

4. The early restoration and recovery of the affected areas is important. The Government of Japan will continue to discuss with the Government of the Republic of Fiji regarding the assistance for the restoration and recovery of Fiji including utilization of grant aid of 300 million Japanese yen which is recently decided to extend.

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