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Japan-Brazil Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

July 29, 2015
Japan-Brazil Foreign Ministers’ Meeting 1
Japan-Brazil Foreign Ministers’ Meeting 2

On July 29, commencing at 5:40 p.m. for approximately 40 minutes, H.E. Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a foreign ministers’ meeting with H.E. Amb. Mauro Luiz Iecker Vieira,Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The overview of the meeting is as follows.

1. Minister Kishida welcomed Minister Vieira, expressing his pleasure that it was in this memorable year which commemorates the 120th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Brazil that the first foreign minister’s meeting was held since the regularization of foreign minister’s meetings was decided when Prime Minister Shizo Abe visited Brazil last year. In response to this, Minister Vieira stated that it is pleasant that human exchanges between the two countries have been activated in various levels on the occasion of the 120th anniversary, including a visit to Brazil by Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino this fall, which is under consideration. Moreover, Minister Kishida stated that he would like the visit to Japan by Minister Vieira to be an opportunity for kicking off specific arrangements on various issues for further development of Japan-Brazil relations.

2. As important issues between Japan and Brazil, the two foreign ministers shared their views that they would cooperate for the promotion of trade and investment and preparation of business environments in a wide range of fields such as health, agriculture, shipbuilding, capacity building for industry, and infrastructure improvement, and enhance economic relations. Moreover, the foreign ministers discussed cooperation in the field of sports on the occasions of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games and 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the enhancement of relations in the fields of science and technology and culture. When Minister Kishida mentioned the Japan House to be opened in São Paulo, Minister Vieira welcomed the opening of the Japan House in Brazil and stated that he expects the promotion of mutual understanding.

3. In addition, the two foreign ministers confirmed their cooperative relationship in terms of close coordination concerning various issues in the international arena such as the United Nations Security Council reform. Minister Vieira touched on the fact that this year marks 70 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the two foreign ministers shared their views that they would cooperate for a “world without nuclear weapons”.

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