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Implementation of Japan-U.S. Cooperation concerning Capacity Building of Women in Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

January 21, 2015

1. On January 21, the Government of Japan decided to implement the Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project to support the capacity building of women in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. It is aimed at building the capacity of the women of the region through the creation of a facility that provides vocational training to women who have lost learning opportunities or jobs, and by building a shelter for women who suffer from domestic violence.

2. Educational facilities were destroyed because of an armed conflict that lasted 12 years starting in 1988 in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. As a result, there are many women who have missed educational opportunities and maintiaining their independence has become a major challenge. Domestic violence towards women is also an issue in this region. Based on this, both Japan and the U.S. will implement support for the empowerment of women in this region in a cooperative manner.

Details of the support:
Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project
“The Project for Construction of Human Resource Development Centre” in Leitana Nehan Woman’s Development Agency
(Maximum amount of aid: 7,881,444 yen)

3. The United States also implements financial support to the Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, which is required for counseling and mental health services related to women’s traumas.

4. This is expected to strengthen the capacity of women in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and will contribute to the overall development of the region.

(Reference 1) Promotion of women’s security and empowerment as Japan-U.S. cooperation

As described in the “Fact sheet: U.S.-Japan Global and Regional Cooperation” released upon President Barack Obama’s visit to Japan last April, both Japan and the U.S. are actively engaged in promoting women’s security and empowerment worldwide. This project is one of the specific projects for enhancing cooperation in this field.

(Reference 2)

Papua New Guinea has an area of approximately 0.462 million km2 with a population of approximately 7.32 million (in 2013). Per capita gross national income (GNI) is 2,430 U.S. dollars (according to the World Bank, 2013).

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