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Visa Waiver for Indonesian Nationals Based on a System of E-Passport Registration

November 7, 2014

The visa waiver for Indonesian nationals, based on a system of registering e-passports, announced on September 30 this year, will be commenced from December 1 this year.

This measure is expected to contribute to the promotion of a tourism-oriented country with the even higher goal of attracting 20 million foreign visitors and the growth strategy thereof, as well as people-to-people exchanges between Japan and the Republic of Indonesia.

1. Who can use Visa Waiver Registration

Indonesian nationals possessing ordinary e-passports in compliance with ICAO standards (with the ICAO’s e-passport symbol on the front cover) who have registered their e-passports to diplomatic missions of Japan in Indonesia (the embassy, consulates-general, or the consulate) prior to their departure.

2. Certificate of Visa Waiver Registration

An outline of the certificate of visa waiver registration granted by the Japanese diplomatic missions is as follows:

  
Purpose of visit : Short-term stay (for sightseeing, business, or visit to relatives/friends, etc.)
Duration of stay : 15 (fifteen) days
Period of validity : Whichever is the shorter period between either three years or expiration date of the passport (if applied with a passport the validity of which is less than three years)
Application fee : Free
Time required for registration : Approximately two working days (Registered passport will be returned the next day)

3.How to apply for Visa Waiver Registration

(1) An applicant (him/herself or their representative) shall submit e-passport to Japanese diplomatic missions in Indonesia for visa waiver registration.

(2) Upon receiving the e-passport and the registration form, the diplomatic mission of Japan will return the passport attached with a seal of “visa waiver registration certificate” to the applicant.

(3) An Indonesian national possessing an e-passport with a certificate of visa waiver can enter Japan without newly applying for a visa or registering a visa waiver during the above-mentioned period within fifteen days.

(4) An applicant, whose registration for visa waiver was denied, is advised to apply an ordinary visa.

4. Notes

(1) Indonesian nationals who do not possess e-passports need to obtain a visa. Since the duration of stay without a visa is limited to 15 days, those who want to stay in Japan more than 15 days or want to work in Japan need to obtain a visa in advance.

(2) In case a visitor granted a certificate of visa waiver has obtained a new passport, or their name has been changed, new registration is required.

(3) Entry into Japan will be denied upon landing examination unless the visitor has not completed the registration of the e-passport in advance. Registration must be completed beforehand. Please be noted that upon entering Japan, visitors may be asked the purpose of their visit, duration of stay, and/or be requested to present their air ticket to Indonesia or another country. Entry into Japan can be denied following the landing examination.

(4) Anyone who has been deported from Japan before and is still in a period of denial of landing, or who has violated a law of Japan or other countries and been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment or a penalty equivalent thereto, is not allowed to enter Japan even after the visa waiver is enforced.

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