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Japan-U.S. Security Subcommittee (SSC)

March 11, 2022

Japan and the United States held the Japan-U.S. Security Subcommittee (SSC) in Tokyo on March 11, 2022. Mr. ICHIKAWA Keiichi, Director-General, North American Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. MASUDA Kazuo, Director-General, Defense Policy Bureau, Ministry of Defense from the Japanese side, and Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and Dr. Ely S. Ratner, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs from the U.S. side attended this meeting.

Building on the discussion at the Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee (Japan-U.S. “2+2” meeting) held in January 2022, both sides exchanged views on various challenges facing the international community, including security environment in the Indo-Pacific and Russian aggression of Ukraine, as well as efforts for bilateral security and defense cooperation. Both sides confirmed to continue close coordination to promote a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific,” enhance deterrence and response capability, and further strengthen the Japan-U.S. Alliance, which is stronger than ever.

In remembrance of the thousands of lives lost to the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on this day 11 years ago, both sides also reaffirmed the strong bond between the two countries, which was notably demonstrated by “Tomodachi Operation.”

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