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The 13th Asia Senior-Level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP-XIII)

January 31, 2017
1 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan hosted the 13th Asia Senior-Level Talks on Non-Proliferation (ASTOP-XIII) on January 31 in Tokyo. Senior government officials in charge of non-proliferation policies from the ten ASEAN member states, China, Republic of Korea, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, United States, and Japan participated in the meeting.

2 State Minister for Foreign Affairs Kentaro Sonoura emphasized the importance of cooperative non-proliferation efforts in Asia, which faces serious threats such as North Korea's repeated nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches.
3 The discussions focused on: 
(1) North Korean nuclear and missile issues, including the need to steadily implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions (UNSCR) and strengthen export control; 
(2) Counter-proliferation efforts, including country-specific measures to promote the implementation of UNSCR 1540 and the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI); and
(3) Ways to maintain and enhance the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, including the strengthening of IAEA Safeguards, universalization of the IAEA Additional Protocol, assistance for capacity building, and promoting nuclear security.

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