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3-Pillar Foreign Policy in Response to the Terrorist Incident Regarding the Murder of Japanese

February 17, 2015
On Tuesday, February 17, H.E. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the ‘‘3-Pillar Foreign Policy in Response to the Terrorist Incident Regarding the Murder of Japanese’’ as below.
(1) Strengthening Counter-Terrorism Measures
  • Counter-terrorism capacity building assistance in the Middle East/Africa region ($15.5million)
    Border control, investigation/prosecution capacity, development of legal systems etc.
  • Steadfast implementation and strengthening of international legal frameworks (UNSCR 2178 etc.)
  • Enhancing multi/bilateral frameworks on counter-terrorism
  • Bolstering safety measures for Japanese nationals overseas

(2) Enhancing Diplomacy Towards Stability and Prosperity in the Middle East
  • Deploying a proactive Middle East diplomacy
    High-level mutual visits (strengthening dialogue at the Leader’s/FM level)
  • Building connections with multifarious communities (including business sectors) Reinforce cooperation regarding terrorism related information/intelligence
  • Assistance of $200million (as PM Abe announced) + further expansion of humanitarian assistance
  • Assistance for regional economic/social stability necessary for the promotion of economic growth

(3) Assistance in Creating Societies Resilient to Radicalization
  • Putting ‘‘The Best Way is to Go in the Middle’’ concept into practice (realization of a vibrant and stable society)
    Youth employment policy, improvement of income disparity, assistance in education
  • Assistance towards post-conflict countries for peace to take root
  • Expanding people-to-people exchanges (including inviting religious leaders)
  • Coordination with ASEAN (promoting moderation etc.)

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