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The announcement of the Joint Statement on “Just Energy Transition Partnership” with Indonesia

November 15, 2022

 On November 15, Japan, the United States, other partner countries, and the Republic of Indonesia cuncurred and published the Joint Statement on Just Energy Transition Partnership (Indonesia JETP), which will support Indonesia's efforts in the transition from coal to renewable energy. The announcement of the Indonesia JETP, which was co-led by Japan and the United States, will demonstrate Japan's proactive contribution to the decarbonisation of Asia.
 Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio, who attended the side event on infrastructure investment, held on the occasion of the G20 Bali Summit, together with President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia and President Joe Biden of the United States, expressed his welcome to the launch of the Indonesia JETP. Prior to the PGII event, a photo shooting session was held by the three leaders of Japan, the United States, and Indonesia.

 Japan will continue to support countries in their promotion of realistic energy transition, taking into account the national circumstances of each country and encouraging the introduction of renewable energy as much as possible.

[Reference1]Joint Statement on “Just Energy Transition Partnership”with Indonesia (English(PDF) Open a New WindowJapanese(PDF)Open a New Window)

[Reference2]JETP:Just Energy Transition Partnership
A partnership in which donor countries work together to accelerate the early retirement of high-emission infrastructure in partner countries and provide supports for investment in renewable energy and related infrastructure.

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