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Japan Disaster Relief Rescue Team has achieved the “Heavy” reclassification

November 11, 2022
Photo of the scenario-based exercise
INSARAG External Classification
Photo by every paticipants
  1. Today, November 11th, the Japan Disaster Relief Search and Rescue Team (the JDR Rescue Team) has successfully completed the INSARAG External Re-Classification (IER) process, which evaluates the operational capability and capacity of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams and has achieved the highest “Heavy” reclassification. During the 4-day process from November 8th, the team underwent a 36-hour non-stop scenario-based exercise at the Hyogo Prefectural Emergency Management and Training Center.
  2. The JDR Rescue Team which went through the process is comprised of 75 members from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Police Agency and local police departments, Fire and Disaster Management Agency and local fire departments, Japan Coast Guard and JICA as well as medical and structural assessment experts registered with JICA.
  3. This classification/reclassification is an index for promoting the standardization of the structure and the capabilities of USAR teams and for effective and efficient coordination of the USAR teams deployed in the disaster-affected areas. “Heavy” reclassification of the JDR Rescue Team is expected to further promote the team’s disaster relief activities overseas such as responding to earthquakes.

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