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Presidential Election in the Republic of Honduras
(Statement by Foreign Press Secretary Norio Maruyama)

December 25, 2017
  1. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of the Republic of Honduras has announced that the final official result regarding the presidential election held on November 26 is that the sitting president H.E. Mr. Juan Orlando HERNANDEZ has been re-elected. Japan acknowledges the significance of this announcement from the perspective of the democratic process in Honduras.
  2. Japan expresses respect for the efforts made by both domestic and international parties involved, in particular the international electoral observation missions, to ensure the fairness of the election. At the same time, Japan expects that any allegation regarding the election will be resolved peacefully and democratically based on the relevant legal procedures.
  3. Japan has been consistently supporting the democracy and development of Honduras, and will continue to offer support for the sustained socioeconomic development of the country.

[Reference 1] Chronology of events leading up to the result of the Republic of Honduras presidential election (the following times are all local times)
(1)The Honduras Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced on December 17 that the final official result of the presidential election held on November 26 was that the candidate Hernandez (the sitting president) of the ruling party (the National Party) had gained 42.95% of the votes and candidate Nasralla from the opposition party (the Opposition Alliance against Dictatorship) had received 41.42% of them, meaning that candidate Hernandez had been re-elected (there are no runoff elections in Honduran presidential elections).
(2)In response to objections by the opposition party regarding alleged irregularities in the vote counting process, the votes were recounted under the supervision of the EU electoral observation mission and the Organization of American States (OAS) electoral observation mission. (3)On December 22 former candidate Nasralla of the opposition party announced that he had decided to withdraw from the election campaign.

[Reference 2] Sitting president Juan Orlando Hernandez
49 years old. Being a member of the ruling party, the National Party, he became the president in January 2014.
His campaign promises include economic growth (Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), the plan to switch Honduras to being a logistic center in the Central America region), attraction of investment, employment creation, improvement of public safety, enhancement of transparency, etc.

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