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Press Conference by Foreign Press Secretary Takeshi Osuga

Wednesday, July 3, 2019, 4:28 p.m. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Opening Remarks

(1) 24th Meeting of the Committee for the Promotion of the Declassification of Diplomatic Records

Mr. Takeshi Osuga, Press Secretary: Today, on July 3, the 24th meeting of the Committee for the Promotion of the Declassification of Diplomatic Records, chaired by Mr. Kiyoto Tsuji, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). At the meeting, there was a discussion on the declassification of files related to the foreign visit by Prime Minister Takeshita in 1988 and files related to the negotiations on the reversion of Okinawa in 1969, which are among diplomatic record files created more than 30 years ago. Based on the result of the review by the Committee, those files will be transferred to the Diplomatic Archives and be made public after having completed necessary procedures and preparation to be opened to the public.

(2) APEC Food Loss Reduction Workshop

Press Secretary Osuga: On July 10 and 11, MOFA will hold a workshop in Tokyo on food loss reduction within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) framework. The workshop, entitled "Reducing Food Waste by Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Innovative Technologies," is planned to be attended by around 50 people, including APEC members or so-called APEC economy officials as well as specialists from companies and related international organizations. State Minister for Foreign Affairs Toshiko Abe is planned to give opening remarks on behalf of Japan.

In the workshop, it is planned that participants will share examples of advanced initiatives of companies in the APEC economy, including Japan, for reducing food loss occurring in the manufacturing and packaging stages as well as the distribution and sales stages within the food value chain.

Furthermore, on the night of July 10, a reception will be held for the workshop participants, officials from embassies in Tokyo and others. At the reception, we are planning to offer a menu that is conscious of food loss reduction.

24th Meeting of the Committee for the Promotion of the Declassification of Diplomatic Records

Tokyo Shimbun, Osugi: With regards to diplomatic records on the negotiations for the reversion of Okinawa, which you mentioned at the beginning, will there be any information that was not previously disclosed?

Press Secretary Osuga: Basically, records that have not yet been disclosed will be declassified based on the review.

Tokyo Shimbun, Osugi: Can you tell us what kind of content there is?

Press Secretary Osuga: The review this time has not yet ended. The regular review is conducted up to three times a year, with the second review taking place in June and the last in October. If things go as usual in the procedure, the declassifiable contents will be declassified and made public in December.

Review of Export Control toward the Republic of Korea (ROK)

Yomiuri Shimbun, Yanada: With regards to Japan and the ROK, there are reports that concerning the withdrawal of the favorable treatment by Japan for the ROK on semiconductor parts exports that has come out recently, the ROK is requesting its abrogation. How does the Government of Japan plan to respond to this?

Press Secretary Osuga: I am aware of the announcement made by the ROK side. However, this measure is based on concerns over the trade control concerning the ROK, and it involves a necessary review appropriately implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on Japan’s export control system that is in accordance with international rules. It is my understanding that the measure will be implemented in a non-arbitrary manner in accordance with Japanese laws. Appropriate explanations are being given on this position of Japan to the ROK side in the ROK as well as in Tokyo, and we will continue to give explanations.

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