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The Situation in Northwest Syria
(Statement by Press Secretary Takeshi Osuga)

July 29, 2019
1. The Government of Japan is deeply concerned about the further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in northwest Syria, namely the southern part of Idlib Governorate and the northern part of Hama Governorate, where military conflicts continue and a large number of people are displaced. Such a situation could have negative impact not only in those areas but also on the stability of the entire Middle East.
2. The Government of Japan believes that the crisis in Syria cannot be resolved by military means, and a political solution has to be pursued. The Government of Japan calls on all parties to implement the agreement on the establishment of the demilitarized zone in the Idlib region, to stop any military actions immediately, and to comply with international humanitarian law.
3. The Government of Japan will continue to closely work with the international community to achieve the cessation of all violence, the improvement of the humanitarian situation and the advancement of the political process under the auspice of the United Nations.

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