Statement by H.E. Ambassador Yoshiki MINE
Representative of Japan to the 2005 NPT Review Conference
at the Plenary Meeting

May 27, 2005

Thank you, Mr. President.

Firstly, on behalf of Japan, let me express my sincere thanks to you, Mr. President, and, through you, to the Chairpersons of the Committees and Subsidiary Bodies, on your unfailing and courageous efforts during this challenging Review Conference.

Mr. President,

It is extremely regrettable that this Conference has been unable to adopt a final consensus document. We, as States Parties to the Treaty, should take this undesirable result seriously, and renew our determination to fully explore ways to maintain and strengthen the credibility and authority of the NPT regime. I am not implying, however, that this Conference did not bring about anything fruitful. All the State Parties should bear in mind that high-level delegates from many States Parties, including Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura, gathered here in New York and sincerely exchanged views to address the challenges which the NPT regime is facing today. It is also worth emphasizing that a large number of States Parties took the view that the DPRK's nuclear issue was a serious threat to the international community as a whole. Therefore, I believe that the validity of the NPT regime itself has not decreased. The NPT regime, now more than ever, is of immense importance to international peace and security. In the light of the serious challenges we are currently facing, further universalizing and reinforcing the NPT is imperative and of benefit to all states.

We nevertheless believe that each one of the States Parties should redouble its efforts to strengthen the NPT regime so that the lack of an agreed substantive document will not erode the authority and credibility of the Treaty. The period leading up to the next Review Conference is of crucial significance. All States Parties should fulfill their obligations under the NPT in good faith, thereby reinforcing the NPT regime. Japan, for its part, will intensify its efforts toward this end, and will undertake, inter alia, the following measures leading up to the next Review Conference.

First and foremost, the DPRK's nuclear issue poses a serious threat to the authority and credibility of the NPT regime. Japan calls upon the DPRK to completely dismantle all of its nuclear programs, including its uranium enrichment programs, in a permanent, thorough and transparent manner subject to credible international verification. Japan will continue to work with other partners to peacefully resolve this issue through the Six-Party Talks.

Iran's nuclear issue is no doubt a matter of concern for the international community. Japan considers it extremely important that Iran, through its negotiations with the EU3/EU, agree to provide sufficient "objective guarantees" that its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.

Mr. President,

Japan will continue to work intensively, on a collective and individual basis, for our common goal, the total elimination of nuclear weapons. To this end, Japan will continue to submit to the General Assembly a draft resolution which identifies practical and incremental steps for the total elimination of nuclear weapons. Japan will also make utmost efforts for the early entry into force of the CTBT and the immediate commencement of negotiations on the FMCT.

Japan attaches importance to the strengthening of IAEA safeguards, particularly by promoting the universalisation of the IAEA Additional Protocol, and the strengthening of export controls. ASTOP (Asian Senior-Level Talks on Non-Proliferation), which Japan has hosted twice in the past, has contributed to the strengthening of the non-proliferation regime in Asia, and Japan will continue such efforts.

Japan will continue to promote disarmament and non-proliferation education to gain the understanding and support of young people who will lead future generations, as well as civil society as a whole.

Japan will make collaborative efforts to effectively prevent nuclear terrorism by promoting full implementation of Security Council Resolution 1540, by working towards strengthening the CPPNM by amendment, and by bringing into effect the Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.

As for the 1995 resolution on the Middle East, Japan will actively engage in dialogue and cooperation with the countries in the region in order to promote its implementation. In this regard, Japan will work toward further universalization of the NPT. Japan again calls upon India, Pakistan and Israel to accede to the NPT as non-nuclear-weapon States promptly and without conditions.

I would like to conclude my statement by expressing my sincere hope that as many countries as possible will join our endeavor, thereby overcoming differences for the sake of the greater common goal of achieving a peaceful and safe world free of nuclear weapons.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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