Trilateral Consultation between Japan, US, and the Republic of Korea on North Korean issues

July 27, 1999

United States Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Hong Soon-Young, and Japanese Foreign Minister Koumura Masahiko met trilaterally today in Singapore to coordinate their respective policies on North Korea.

The three Ministers reviewed the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the status of their various contacts with the DPRK, including upcoming Four Party Talks in Geneva.

They called on North Korea to seize the opportunity, presented in May by Dr. William Perry in Pyongyang, to build a new and positive relationship with its neighbors and potential partners, and to accept the comprehensive and integrated approach which builds on the engagement policy. They agreed that the key to stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula is South-North reconciliation and the easing of tensions between the DPRK and those countries with which it can build a more positive and constructive relationship.

The ministers confirmed the significance of the 1994 Agreed Framework. The Framework serves as an integral part of their joint approach as they seek improved relations with the DPRK.

They expressed their deep concern over the possibility of a DPRK missile or satellite launch, and agreed that this action would adversely affect peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and beyond, and would have serious negative consequences for the DPRK. They urged the DPRK rather to choose to build a positive relation with its neighbors by foregoing such testing.

The three delegations affirmed that close cooperation and coordination on North Korea policy remains essential and pledged to continue their regular trilateral consultation.

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