Statement by H.E. Mr. Koichiro Gemba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
At the Sixth CTBT Ministerial Meeting

September 27, 2012
New York


Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me begin by extending my deepest appreciation to all the delegations here who worked hard to prepare for this meeting.

Although the CTBT has still not come into force, the prohibition of nuclear tests is gradually becoming a de-facto international norm. It is critical that we elevate this norm into a legally binding status through the entry into force of the CTBT.

Mr. Chairman,

This past year I urged my counterparts at bilateral meetings to take necessary actions. In addition, together with the Foreign Ministers of the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative (NPDI) countries, I have discussed strategies to promote the CTBT’s early entry into force.

In this regard, Japan welcomes the ratification of the treaty by Indonesia in February this year. We call on the leaders of the remaining Annex 2 countries to do the same.

Mr. Chairman,

Last year here in New York, I urged all states to take “United Action” towards facilitating the entry into force of the treaty. Today, Japan presents the following three proposals for united action to be swiftly taken in the next one to two years.

First – we need to strengthen the emerging de-facto international norm against nuclear tests. All states must thus refrain from conducting nuclear tests even before the CTBT enters into force. Should any country conduct nuclear tests, the international community must unite in sending a strong message denouncing the action. In this regard, we all should recall that the international community strongly condemned the DPRK when it announced it conducted nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009.

Second – we should encourage more regional initiatives to persuade those countries that have not signed or ratified the CTBT to do so as soon as possible.

And third – in working towards the entry into force of the CTBT, it is important to accelerate the development of the International Monitoring System (IMS). In this regard, Japan has been and will be among the most active contributors to the development of the IMS.

Finally, allow me to conclude by making clear Japan’s determination to stand at the forefront of international efforts to facilitate the early entry into force of the CTBT.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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