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photo (Foreign Minister Taro Aso)

Address by Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Aso at the Commemorative Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of Japan's Admission to the United Nations

December 18, 2006

It is my greatest honor to hold the Commemorative Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of Japan's Admission to the United Nations today, in the presence of Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress of Japan and with the attendance of many people from Japan and overseas.

Japan acceded to the United Nations 50 years ago on December 18, 1956, four years after the San Francisco Peace Treaty restored Japan's independence. For the past 50 years, Japan has contributed to world peace and prosperity and has dedicated its efforts to achieving a better world through the United Nations.

The international community today faces number of challenges including regional conflicts, political crises, environmental destruction, and grave human rights violations in various regions. Japan will address these issues based on the principle of "human security." We also intend to actively promote UN reforms so as to enable the United Nations to tackle such issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible. In particular, early reform of the Security Council is necessary so that it can be an institution commensurate with the realities of the 21st century, and Japan will exert its utmost effort to this end.

In order to achieve peace and security in the world, we need to do more than end conflicts; we need to put post-conflict countries and regions on the path to recovery and assist them in their growth and development. As a nation of peace, Japan will further enhance its cooperation in peacebuilding, demonstrating intellectual leadership in discussions at the United Nations as well as making efforts to develop human resources to undertake this task.

During the 50 years since Japan's accession to the United Nations, Japan's relationship with the Organization has greatly strengthened and deepened. As a key partner of the United Nations, Japan would like to continue to exert its efforts for achieving peace and prosperity in the world.

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