Q&A on the Issue of the Name "Sea of Japan"

March 2003

Q: I have heard that both terms "Sea of Japan" and "East Sea" are used in Web site of the World Health Organization (WHO). Is this true? And what response is the Japanese government taking?

A: It was found that the website of the WHO's Western Pacific Regional office at Manila carried a map with both the terms "Sea of Japan" and "East Sea." In response to an inquiry from the Japanese side, the office replied that it had been a technical error on the administrative side and amended the map to show only the single term "Sea of Japan" by deleting the term "East Sea." In addition, the office stated that it would make sure the error would not be repeated. Furthermore, Japan has explained its position vis-a-vis the naming of the Sea of Japan to the WHO's Secretariat at Genova and requested the WHO as a whole to respond appropriately to this problem from now on.

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