Japan and the United Nations

September 25, 2013
1. In the afternoon of September 25, while visiting New York, Minister for Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida attended a G8 Deauville Partnership (DP) Foreign Minister Meeting.

2. Foreign Minister Kishida mentioned that stability in the Middle Eastern region is essential to the peace and prosperity of the international community, and the stability of countries in transition to democracy is essential to achieve that. However, he also acknowledged that the situation remains fragile. Additionally, regarding the direction of the DP going forward, he mentioned that responses to regional problems that could potentially hinder the reform efforts of those countries should be put on the agenda from the perspective of strengthening support for countries in transition. He also pointed to the need for building win-win economic relationships between G8 countries and countries in transition, from the standpoint of striving to stabilize the economies of countries in transition.

3. Participants noted the importance of promoting greater investment in the region, providing support for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and encouraging the participation of women in economies. They confirmed that participating countries will maintain the DP going forward, work on the individual priority issues of each country in transition, work on political reform and economic reform in parallel, and will continue to pursue specific programs under the G8 DP. 

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