Diplomatic Bluebook 2020

Chapter 4

Japan's Diplomacy Open to the Public

3 Cooperation with Emigrants and Japanese Descendants (Nikkei)

The migration of Japanese nationals overseas has a history of 151 years, as of 2019. There are an estimated 3.8 million overseas Japanese and Japanese descendants (Nikkei) around the world, with especially large numbers residing in North, Central and South America. They make significant contribution to the development of the countries in various fields, including politics, economy, academics and culture, and at the same time, they act as a bridge between Japan and these countries in developing close relations.

Together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), MOFA provides cooperation in Central and South America, where an estimated 2.24 million Nikkei live. Various forms of assistance are offered, including welfare support for aging emigrants, training in Japan for Nikkei people, and dispatch of volunteers to the local Nikkei communities. Also, in May 2017, based on the report submitted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Panel of Experts on Collaborating with Nikkei Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, MOFA is working to further strengthen relationships with Nikkei communities.

To date, invitation programs to Japan for Nikkei leaders in various fields, and from various countries and regions, have been carried out in North, Central and South America. Also, efforts are underway to strengthen relations with Nikkei people in these regions through close cooperation between the diplomatic missions in each country with Nikkei communities, including actively creating opportunities for senior officials from Japan to meet with Nikkei persons during their visits to these countries.

The 60th Convention of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad was held in October 2019. Foreign Minister Motegi hosted the welcome reception, and held informal talks with Nikkei people of various backgrounds and generations. In addition to providing support to Japanese abroad and Nikkei people, MOFA will promote cooperation with the younger generation and strengthen their bonds with Japan.

The welcome reception hosted by the Foreign Minister at the 60th Convention of Nikkei and Japanese AbroadThe welcome reception hosted by the Foreign Minister at the 60th Convention of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad