cover Diplomatic Bluebook 2008 (Summary) (PDF)

*Chapter 2/3/4/5 are made of extracts from Diplomatic Bluebook 2008 (Japanese version)
*Part of the photos is removed from the original Diplomatic Bluebook due to the concern about the copyrights.

Cover and Inside cover (PDF Format:644KB)

Message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs (PDF Format:39KB)

Contents (PDF Format:24KB)

CHAPTER 1 Overview (PDF Format:542KB)

International Situation and Japanese Diplomacy in 2007

CHAPTER 2 Regional Diplomacy (PDF Format:426KB)

  1. Asia and the Pacific
    • (a) The Korean Peninsula
    • (b) China and Mongolia
    • (c) Southeast Asia
    • (d) South Asia
    • (e) The Pacific
    • (f) Intra- and Inter-regional Cooperation
  2. North America
  3. Latin America and the Caribbean
    • (a) Overview of the Political and Economic Situation
    • (b) Japan's Diplomacy towards Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Europe
  5. Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus
  6. The Middle East and North Africa
  7. Africa
    • (a) Africa in 2007
    • (b) Japan's Diplomacy towards Africa

CHAPTER 3 Japan's Foreign Policy in Major Diplomatic Fields (PDF Format:482KB)

  1. Efforts to Achieve Peace and Stability in the International Community
    • (a) Japan-US security arrangements
    • (b) Efforts to Counter Terrorism
    • (c) Measures to Counter International Organized Crime
    • (d) Regional Security
    • (e) The United Nations
    • (f) Efforts towards Peacebuilding
    • (g) Disarmament and Non-proliferation (Including International Cooperation in Science and Technology and in the Field of Nuclear Energy)
  2. Japan's Efforts to Address Global Issues and International Cooperation
    • (a) Climate Change and the Environment
    • (b) Human Rights
    • (c) The "Rule of Law" in the International Community
    • (d) Promotion of International Cooperation
  3. Efforts to Enhance Prosperity in Japan and the International Community
    • (a) Formulating Rules for a Multilateral Free Trading System
    • (b) Promoting Negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
    • (c) Addressing Globalization
    • (d) Economic Security
    • (e) Reinforcing the Competitiveness of Japanese Companies and the Strength of the Japanese Economy
  4. Providing Information to Other Countries and Cultural Diplomacy

CHAPTER 4 Japanese People Active in the International Community and Roles of Diplomacy (PDF Format:170KB)

  1. Japanese People Active in the International Community
    • (a) Japanese People Working at International Organizations
    • (b) Activities of Non-governmental Organizations
    • (c) Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and Senior Volunteers
  2. Assisting Japanese Citizens Overseas
  3. Assisting Japanese Companies Overseas
  4. Responding to the Internationalization of Japanese Society

CHAPTER 5 Japanese Diplomacy Open to the Public (PDF Format:170KB)

  1. Providing Information Proactively to Citizens
  2. Enhancing Diplomatic Capacity

All position titles of persons appearing in this volume, as well as all country names, are the ones current as of the date of the occasion or event being referenced in the text.

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