Diplomatic Bluebook 2005

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Part of the photos is removed from the original Diplomatic Bluebook due to the concern about the copyrights.

Message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs

CHAPTER 1. Overview

  1. The Current International Situation and Japanese Diplomacy
  2. The International Situation and the Developments in Japan's Diplomacy in 2004

CHAPTER 2. Regional Diplomacy

A. Asia and the Pacific

  1. Korean Peninsula
  2. China, the Neighboring Region, and Mongolia
  3. Southeast Asia
  4. South Asia
  5. Oceania (Including the Japan-Pacific Islands Forum)
  6. Regional and Interregional Cooperation

B. North America

  1. United States
  2. Canada

C. Latin America and the Caribbean

D. Europe

E. The Russian Federation, Central Asia, and the Caucasus

  1. The Russian Federation
  2. Central Asia and the Caucasus

F. The Middle East and North Africa

G. Africa (Sub-Sahara)

CHAPTER 3. Japan's Foreign Policy in Major Diplomatic Fields

A. Efforts Aimed at Peace and Stability in the International Community

  1. Japan-US Security Arrangements
  2. Emergency Legislation
  3. Counter-terrorism Measures
  4. Regional Security
  5. United Nations
  6. Comprehensive Approach to Conflicts
  7. Arms Control, Disarmament, and Non-proliferation

B. Efforts Aimed at Realizing Prosperity in the International Community

  1. Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System
  2. Promotion of Economic Partnership Agreements
  3. Creation of International Rules in Response to Globalization
  4. Strengthening Economic Security
  5. Promoting Investment into Japan
  6. International Science and Technology Cooperation

C. Efforts to Tackle Various Global Issues to Promote Human Security

  1. Promotion of Human Security
  2. Controlling Infectious Diseases
  3. Sustainable Development and Global Environmental Issues
  4. Transnational Organized Crime and Illicit Drugs
  5. Human Rights
  6. Humanitarian Assistance

D. Official Development Assistance (ODA)

E. Cultural Diplomacy and Overseas Public Relations Strategy

  1. Promotion of International Cultural Exchange
  2. Overseas Public Relations

F. Efforts toward International Rule-making

CHAPTER 4. Japanese People Active in the International Community and Diplomatic Roles

A. Japanese People and Companies Active in the International Community

  1. The Activities of Japanese People and Companies
  2. Japanese Staff Active in International Organizations
  3. The Activities of Japanese NGOs
  4. Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) and Senior Overseas Volunteers

B. Safety Measures, Reform of Consular Services for Japanese Nationals Overseas, and Enhancement of Crisis Management

C. Assistance for Japanese Companies

CHAPTER 5. Building a Multitiered Diplomatic Foundation

A. Reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

B. Developing Public Understanding and Support for Foreign Policy

C. Japan's Diplomatic Structure

Major International Events

VIP Visits

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