1997 Diplomatic Bluebook

Japan's Foreign Policy in a World of Deepening Interdependence



On Publishing the 1997 Diplomatic Bluebook

Chapter I. General Overview-The International Community and Japan's Foreign Policy in 1996

A. Overview

  1. Basic Understanding of Current International Circumstances
  2. The Change of the Role of the State
  3. Japan's Foreign Policy in 1996
  4. Japan-United States Relationship
  5. Japan-China Relationship
  6. The Korean Peninsula
  7. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
  8. ARF
  9. APEC
  10. ASEM
  11. Cooperation with Latin American Countries
  12. Global Efforts
  13. United Nations
  14. Securing Peace and Stability
  15. Ensuring a Prosperous World Economy-Promoting Development and Cooperation in the World Economy
  16. Seizure of the Japanese Ambassador's Residence in Peru

B. Relations with the United States and Other Countries and Regions

  1. Japan-United States Relations
  2. Japan-China Relations
  3. The Korean Peninsula
  4. Japan-Russian Federation Relations
  5. Relations between Japan and Europe

C. Regional Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

  1. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  2. The ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)
  3. Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

D. The United Nations and the Role of Japan

  1. Election to the Security Council as a Non-Permanent Member
  2. Reforms of the United Nations
  3. United Nations Peace-keeping Operations

Chapter II. Sectoral Analysis of the International Situation and Japan's Foreign Policy

A. Ensuring Peace and Stability

  1. Ensuring the Security of Japan
  2. Promotion of Arms Control and Disarmament, and Strengthening of the Non-Proliferation Regime
  3. Regional Conflicts and Japan

B. Securing Global Economic Prosperity and Development Issues for Developing Countries

  1. Ensuring a Prosperous World Economy-Japan's Policy Efforts
  2. Development Issues

C. Efforts Toward the Realization of a Better Global Society

  1. Protection of Human Rights and Promotion of Democratization
  2. Terrorism
  3. Ensuring Nuclear Safety and International Cooperation in the Area of Science and Technology
  4. Environmental Issues
  5. Population and AIDS
  6. Transnational Crime and Narcotics
  7. Initiative for a Caring World
  8. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Chapter III. Regional Developments

A. Asia and the Pacific

  1. The People's Republic of China and Vicinity
  2. The Korean Peninsula
  3. Southeast Asia
  4. Southwest Asia
  5. Oceania
  6. Asian Women's Fund

B. North America

  1. United States
  2. Canada

C. Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. Occupation of the Japanese Ambassador's Official Residence in Peru
  2. Circumstances Surrounding the Incident

D. Europe

  1. Expansion and Deepening of the European Union
  2. Seeking a New Security Order
  3. The Economy

E. Russia and the New Independent States

  1. Russia
  2. The New Independent States (NIS)

F. The Middle East

  1. Recent Middle East Developments and the Visit by Minister for Foreign Affairs Yukihiko Ikeda to the Middle East
  2. Iraq and Iran
  3. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries

G. Africa

  1. Developments in 1996
  2. Relations with Japan

Chapter IV. International Cultural Exchanges and Public Relations Activities

A. Promoting International Cultural Exchanges

  1. The Importance of International Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation
  2. Promoting Multifaceted Cooperation in the Midst of Diversity
  3. Further Promoting Bilateral Exchanges

B. National Public Opinion and Public Relations; Foreign Understanding of Japan

  1. National Public Opinion and Public Relations
  2. An Understanding of Japan

Chapter V. Structures Supporting Japan's Diplomatic Functions

A. Structures to Implement Diplomatic Functions

  1. The Need to Enhance Ministry Structures
  2. Enhancing Organization, Personnel and Budgetary Allocation

B. Consular Functions

  1. Protection of Japanese Abroad
  2. Passport Law Amendments-Passports Now Valid for 10 Years
  3. Japanese Communities Overseas
  4. Foreigners in Japan


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