Diplomatic Bluebook 1993

Striving for a More secure and Humane World



Chapter I. The International situation of 1993

Section 1. Overview

Section 2. Major International Events

  1. Regional Conflicts and Efforts Toward Peace
  2. Non-proliferation Regimes
  3. Japan-U.S. Relations
  4. Russia
  5. International Economy
  6. Major Regional Movements

Chapter II. Striving for a More Secure, Prosperous and Humane World

Section 1. Overview

  1. The Importance of Multilateral Cooperation
  2. Progress in Regional Cooperation

Section 2. Toward the Construction of a New International Framework

  1. Building a More Peacefuland Secure World
    1-1. Ensuring Japan's Security
    1-2. Security of the Asia-Pacific Region
    1-3. Efforts Toward Peace and Japan's Contribution
    1-4. Promoting Arms Control and Disarmament
  1. Ensuring and Expanding Prosperity
    2-1. Ensuring Sustainable Growth of the World Economy and Japan's Role
    2-2. Developing Countries
    2-3. Contributions through Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  1. Groping for a More Humane World
    3-1. Promoting Introduction of freedom,Democracy and a Market Economy
    3-2. Environment
    3-3. Drugs and Terrorism
    3-4. Human Rights and Humanitarian Problems
    3-5. The Population Issue
    3-6. International Cultural Exchange and Cooperation
    3-7. Cooperation on Science and Technology

Chapter III. Foreign Policy Implementation Structure

  1. Diplomatic Functions
  2. Consular Functions
  3. Diplomacy and Public Opinion

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