Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Projects Presented in the White Paper 2017

Measures for Each Priority Issue

  1. 1. “Quality Growth” and Poverty Eradication through Such Growth
    1-1 Assistance Necessary to Secure the Foundations and the Driving Force for Economic Growth
  2. 1-2 Assistance Necessary to Promote People-centered Development that Supports Basic Human Life
  3. 2. Sharing Universal Values and Realizing a Peaceful and Secure Society
    2-1 Assistance for Realizing an Equitable and Inclusive Society
  4. 2-2 Assistance for Ensuring Peace, Stability, and Security
  5. 3. Building a Sustainable and Resilient International Community through Efforts to Address Global Issues

Assistance for Each Region

  1. 1. East Asia
    Myanmar The Project for Curriculum Reform at Primary Level of Basic Education
  2. 2. South Asia
    Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport Modernization Project The Project for the Development of a Spare Parts Management Center and En-route Radar Control Services
    Pakistan The Project for Upgrading Primary Girls Schools into Elementary Schools in Southern Rural Sindh
    The Project for Upgrading Primary Girls Schools into Elementary Schools in Northern Rural Sindh
  3. 3. Central Asia and Caucasus
    Georgia Japan's Non-Project Grant Aid for Introduction of Japanese Advanced Products and Its System (Medical Equipment and Welfare Apparatus Package)
  4. 4. Middle East and North Africa
    Egypt Capacity Development Training for Staffs of Suez Canal Authority
  5. 5. Sub-Saharan Africa
    Burkina Faso School Management Committee Support Project Phase 2
    Botswana The Project for the Construction of Classroom Block at Serameng Primary School in Kweneng District
    Rwanda The Project for Improving Mathematics Education in Primary Schools in Kimironko
  6. 6. Latin America and the Caribbean
    Cuba The Project on Improvement of Agricultural Extension System for Grain Production in Cuba
  7. 7. Oceania
    Marshall Assistance to the Republic of the Marshal Islands (RMI) in Response to the Drought Disaster
    Fiji Dispatch of Experts for Rural Water Supply by Ecological Purification System (EPS) Technology

Efforts for Effective and Appropriate Implementation

  1. 3. Efforts for Strengthening Partnerships
    1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
      India Feasibility Survey for Pre-Cast Concrete Products to Accelerate Social Infrastructure Development
    2. Partnership with Civil Society
      Honduras The Project to improve living environment through youth development and community empowerment approach in the south-eastern part of Tegucigalpa
      Iraq Rehabilitation of School in Erbil, Republic of Iraq