Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2012
Stories from the field

Table of Contents

Part III

  1. NGO Promotes Physicals for Mothers and Children in Timor-Leste
    – SHARE (NGO) Supports Training of Family Health Promoters –
  2. From Our Island to Yours: Clean Water Technology
    – Miyakojima City Supports Samoa Public Waterworks –
  3. Charcoal, Vinegar and Compost Heal Philippine Farmlands!
    – Growing Safe Vegetables While Caring For the Soil –
  4. Japanese Serve on Mongolian Bill Drafting Committee
    – Supporting Mediation System Legislation –
  5. Satellite Data and Surveys in the Depths of the Amazon Reveal Carbon Stock
    – Cooperation Toward Brazilian Tropical Forest Conservation –
  6. Solar Power Runs on Original Technology
    – Senior Volunteer Finds Niche in Ghana –
  7. Improving Quality of Nurses Through National Examination System
    – Japanese Introduces Nepal's First Testing System –
  8. Understanding of Culture and Lifestyles Will Save Endangered Wetlands
    – Ecological Management of Anzali Wetland in Iran –
  9. "Made in Botswana" Handicrafts Improve Lifestyles
    – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Works in Minority Settlements –
  10. Upgrades of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Improve Health and Lives in Lima
    – ODA Loan Supports Waterworks in Peruvian Capital –
  11. Improving Lifeline of Kiribati, a Remote Island Country in the Pacific
    – Enabling Large Ships to Berth at Betio Port –
  12. Project Aims to Reduce Infant and Child Mortality Rate in Zambia
    – AMDA-MINDS Works on Project for Strengthening Child Health Promotion System –
  13. Affordable Refrigerators for the People at the Base of the Pyramid Made in India "ChotuKool"
    – Developing Manufacturing Industry Leaders –
  14. Teaming Up With Viet Nam to Improve Rice Cultivation in Mozambique
    – Project for Improvement of Techniques for Increasing Rice Cultivation Productivity –