Official Development Assistance (ODA)

June 15, 2023

Since Japan's ODA is funded by taxpayers' money, any fraudulent practices associated with ODA projects are not tolerated. Those practices will not only disturb the appropriate and effective implementation of development cooperation, but also undermine public trust in ODA projects.
The Government of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (hereinafter referred to as "JICA") have taken various measures to prevent fraud and corruption related to Japan's ODA, including bribery. To prevent such fraudulent practices, it is also necessary to ensure that companies and other organizations (including subcontractors) participating in Japan's ODA be aware that those practices will be unacceptable and responsive measures will be imposed in accordance with Rules on Measures against Persons Engaged in Fraudulent Practices in Japan's ODA Projects. (PDF) Open a New Window
The Government of Japan is committed and will continue to take necessary steps towards eradicating fraudulent practices from its ODA projects.

1. Consultation Desk on Anti-Corruption

The Consultation Desk on Anti-Corruption provides a consultation service for information related to fraud and corruption in Japan's ODA projects.
For more details, see the following website.

Furthermore, in 2014, the Government of Japan/JICA has introduced Leniency Program, under which companies that voluntarily report their misconducts may be granted exemption or reduction of suspension period. This Program encourages companies to voluntarily disclose fraudulent practices in return for potential leniency and can serve as an effective tool to detect and investigate fraudulent practices.

2. Measures against Fraud and Corruption

In the case where a person or an entity is found to have engaged in fraudulent practices in Japan's ODA projects, the Government of Japan takes measures to exclude such person or entity from participating in Japan’s ODA projects for a certain period of time. For more details, see the following Rules.

A person or an entity, who is dissatisfied with the measures or warning, etc. pursuant to Rules on Measures against Persons Engaged in Fraudulent Practices in Japan’s ODA Projects, can file a complaint against the said measures or warning, etc. to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more details, see the following;

3. Anti-Corruption Policy Guide

Anti-Corruption Policy Guide is intended for partner countries' governments, executing agencies and companies to enhance understanding and facilitate necessary actions against fraud and corruption. The Anti-Corruption Policy guide is available for download from the links below in seven languages.
How to use (JICA Website) (PDF) Open a New Window

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