Official Development Assistance (ODA)

"Sakura Buses" for Women in Pakistan

October 12, 2018

The Government of Japan provided buses to be used exclusively by women and children in KP Pakistan. These buses called "Sakura bus" were provided in collaboration with UNOPS and UNWOMEN. These “Sakura bus” will run in Mardan and Abbottabad in the KP province to provide safe transportation for women and children in this area.
These buses are beautifully painted with many pink cherry blossoms, or "Sakura", which is the symbol of spring or the start of a new fiscal year in Japan. This is in hope that women in the KP province who have had restricted mobility due to concerns over transport safety may become more active by using the "Sakura bus".
The introduction of these buses attempts to protect women from reported incidents of harassment on public transportation which have been the source of not only discomfort but also discouraging women from attending school or work. The Government of Japan hopes that by commuting on the "Sakura bus", more women in the KP province will be able to attend school or work outside of home.

  • (Photo) (Photos are offered by the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan)
    (Photos are offered by the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan)