Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Gender Equality

March 22, 2021
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Japan’s Cooperation towards Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

  • In order to achieve gender equality and empower women in developing countries, Japan provides assistance in priority areas such as promoting women and girls’ rights, creating an enabling environment for women and girls to reach their full potentials, and advancing women’s leadership in politics, economy and other public fields.
  • Japan announced to implement ODA in excess of USD 3 billion over the three years from 2016 to 2018, and has fully implemented its commitment.
  • At the 5th World Assembly for Women (WAW!), Japan presented its plan to provide at least 4 million women and girls with quality education and human resource development opportunities over the 3 years of 2018-2020.
(photo1)Community Revitalization Project through Small Business Promotion by One Village, One Product Approach (Kyrgyzstan)
  1. (1) Delhi Mass Rapid Transport System Project (Gender responsive infrastructure / India)
  2. (2) Project for Professionalization of the Police for the Population and Peace (Including training female police officers / DR Congo)
  3. (3) Project on Enhancing Gender Responsive Extension Services in Kenya (Kenya)
  4. (4) Emergency response to conflict-affected women in evacuation camps and accepting communities (South Sudan)
    • *Cooperation through UN Women
  5. (5) Gender and Diversity in Disaster Risk Reduction Training (Women’s leadership in DRR / Asia)
  6. (6) Project for Strengthening Primary Health Care for Pregnant Women and Newborns in Health Region III (Dominican Republic)
  7. (7) Establishment of clothing production vocational training center for women (Ethiopia)
  8. (8) ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net) (ASEAN)
  9. (9) Community Empowerment Project through Small Business Promotion by One Village One Product Approach (Kyrgyzstan)
  10. (10) Project for Expansion of Lower Secondary Schools in Phnom Penh (Improving learning environment for girls) (Cambodia)
  11. (11) Capacity Development for Improvement of Livelihood for Palestinian Refugees (Jordan)

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