Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Characteristics of Japan's ODA

March 22, 2021

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Data of Japan’s ODA (1954-2019)

(img)A JOCV (Vegetable Growing) in Fiji A JOCV (Vegetable Growing) in Fiji
  • Japan has provided assistance to 190 countries and regions since 1954.Total: $550.5 billion(gross), $387.5 billion(net)
    • 【Bilateral Aid*】$440 billion (gross)
  • Japan has dispatched approx. 197,000 experts to 183 countries and regions, approx. 54,000 volunteers to 98 countries,and accepted approx. 649,000 trainees from 187 countries and regions.

Characteristics of Japan’s development cooperation

  • Supports for self-help efforts
  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Human security

Examples of Japan’s ODA

(img)Achieving “Quality growth”
  • Achieving “Quality growth”
  • Achieving SDGs
  • Ensuring Peace, Stability, and Security

Approach to various issues

(img)Japan Disaster Relief Team for Mexico Earthquake (2017) Japan Disaster Relief Team for Mexico Earthquake (2017)
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Women
  • Disaster, Human rights, and Reconstruction
  • Counter-Terrorism, Piracy, and Transnational Organized Crime
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