Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Characteristics of Japan's ODA

August 24, 2021

Data of Japan’s ODA (1954-2019)

(img)A JOCV (Vegetable Growing) in Fiji A JOCV (Vegetable Growing) in Fiji
  • Japan has provided assistance to 190 countries and regions since 1954.Total: $550.5 billion(gross), $387.5 billion(net)
    • 【Bilateral Aid (Note 1)】$440 billion (gross)
  • Japan has dispatched approx. 197,000 experts to 183 countries and regions, approx. 54,000 volunteers to 98 countries,and accepted approx. 654,000 trainees from 187 countries and regions. (Note 2)
  • (Note 1)Total amounts since 1960
  • (Note 2)The number of experts dispatched, the number of trainees accepted, and the number of volunteers dispatched are as of the end of March 2021.

Characteristics of Japan’s development cooperation

  • Supports for self-help efforts
  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Human security

Examples of Japan’s ODA

(img)Achieving “Quality growth”
  • Achieving “Quality growth”
  • Achieving SDGs
  • Ensuring Peace, Stability, and Security

Approach to various issues

(img)Japan Disaster Relief Team for Mexico Earthquake (2017) Japan Disaster Relief Team for Mexico Earthquake (2017)
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Women
  • Disaster, Human rights, and Reconstruction
  • Counter-Terrorism, Piracy, and Transnational Organized Crime
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