The first round meeting of Japan-China High Level Consultation on Maritime Affairs (outline)

May 16, 2012

The first round meeting of Japan-China high-level consultation on maritime affairs was held from May 15 till May 16 in Hangzhou, China. The outline of the meeting is as follows. Participants of the Japanese side included Mr. Kanji Yamanouchi, Deputy Director General of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, head of the Japanese delegation and the representatives from the following ministries; Cabinet Security, headquarters for Ocean Policy; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Fisheries Agency,; Agency for Natural Resources and Energy; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Japan Coast Guard; Ministry of Environment; and Ministry of Defense. Participants of the Chinese side included Mr. Yi Xianliang, Deputy Director General of Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs, head of Chinese delegation and representatives from the following ministries; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of National Defense; Ministry of Public Security; Ministry of Transportation; Ministry of Agriculture; National Energy Administration; State Oceanic Administration; and General Staff Headquarters.

  1. Schedule
      9:00~ Plenary Meeting
    14:50~ Working Group Meeting ‘‘the Policy and the Laws of Sea’’

  2. Plenary Meeting
    (chairperson of the meeting: Mr. Yamanouchi and Mr. Yi)

    (1) The head of both countries delivered the opening remarks, followed by each side’s review of the recent Japan-China relationship. Both sides introduced the organization and activities of each maritime-related department as well as ongoing cooperation and exchange programs between both sides.

    (2) On the recognition that this is the first round meeting since the establishment of this consultation mechanism in last December and it is important for both sides to deepen mutual understanding about the organizations and activities of maritime-related departments of both sides, both maritime-related departments conducted self-introduction of each maritime-related departments (duties, number of staffs, issues, ships in charges, etc)

    (3) In addition, both sides agreed to hold the next meeting in the second half of this year in Japan and continue to communicate through diplomatic channels.

  3. Working Group Meeting ‘‘the policy and the laws of the Sea’’
    (chairperson of the meeting: Mr. Yamanouchi and Mr. Yi)

    (1) Both countries are supposed to establish Working Group to focus the discussions on the specific issues of common interest under the framework of this consultation. In this meeting, both sides agreed to establish the Working Group ‘’the Policy and the Laws of the Seas’’.

    (2) In this Working Group, both sides had active exchange of views on maritime policies and the laws of sea of both countries. The Japanese side explained about the development of making the domestic laws based on the Basic Act on Ocean Policy and the Basic Plan on Ocean Policy as well as Japan’s efforts in the fields of Laws of Sea in terms with the promoting rule of law in the international society. The Chinese side introduced their views and policies on the maritime policies and the laws of sea.

    (3) On the recognition that exchange of information and opinions in the plenary meeting and the working group meeting is very meaningful and fruitful to deepen the mutual understanding of each maritime-related department, maritime policies and positions of both governments, both sides agreed to continue discussions in the next meeting.

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